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Trial Attorney / Elder Law


Christine J. Law – Trial Attorney / Elder Law


Wise describes me, now that I have spent 35-plus years of my life as a trial attorney. Trial practice means dealing with complex issues, difficult situations and delicate relationships. Under the emotionally difficult circumstances of elder law, I know that wise counsel is required to help my clients choose the best ends and the best means for accomplishing them.


Astute is a word that captures how I apply the wisdom gained from experience. After many years of challenging cases I have the skills to assess each unique fact pattern, weave together the information and the law, and develop dynamic, creative and effective strategies for my clients.


I have earned a reputation for being a determined advocate for my clients. “Determined,” as I use the term, is a mix of action and patience. When taking action to pursue the client’s remedies under the law I am focused, committed and unyielding. Simultaneously, I am determined to be patient. It can take time for the facts of the case to develop. Patiently waiting may reveal the intent of the other party and open an opportunity for a different action plan.